Renties Ypres Rally 2019 Results


Car No. Driver Stage Retired Reason
4 Ole Christian VEIBY SS19 Fire
6 Sébastien BEDORET SS17 Off road
8 Rhys YATES SS15 Off road
11 Martin MCCORMACK SS10 Off Road
14 PJM CRACCO SS13 Off road
16 Kevin VAN DEIJNE SS6 Off road
19 Bruno PARMENTIER Not started SS19
23 Darren GASS SF21 Not started SS22
33 Jochen CLAERHOUT SS11 Mechanical
36 Manu GUIGOU SS5 Off road
46 Vincent VERSCHUEREN SS20 Mechanical - Gearbox
47 Marty GALLAGHER SS10 Unknown
48 James WILSON SS17 Mechanical
49 Frédéric BERVILLE SS18 Mechanical
50 Bert CORNELIS SS18 Mechanical
52 Kurt BOONE SS3 Mechanical
55 Ruben WOSTYN SS10 Mechanical
57 Pedro SAMAEY TC14C Not started ss 15
59 Bartholomew LANG SF17 Not started SS18
65 Dries VERGOTE SS11 Mechanical
67 Lonenzo VANDENHEEDE SS18 Mechanical
72 Alex WATERMAN TC23A art 34.1 Over time Limit
73 Jordan REYNOLDS TC9E Not started Leg 2
74 Finlay RETSON SS15 Unknown
82 Bob VARDY TC19C Not started SS20
83 Louis VANDENBORRE SS16 Off road
86 Nico DENYS SS17 Unknown
90 Christophe LAGACHE SF21 Mechanical
91 Ludovic VITSE SS8 Mechanical

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