Rally Details

Start Date:
End Date:
Stages Miles:
65 miles
Rally Base:

Rally Results

Pos Car Driver Time
1 1 Elfyn Evans 0:51:02.4
2 4 Tom Cave 0:51:54.8
3 6 Desi Henry 0:53:16.8
4 8 Euan Thorburn 0:53:35.5
5 7 Jonathan Greer 0:53:45.0
6 5 Josh Moffett 0:53:58.4
7 12 Jamie Anderson 0:54:01.2
8 10 Garry Pearson 0:54:10.4
9 9 Jock Armstrong 0:54:20.3
10 16 Mike Faulkner 0:54:27.2

Rally Info

The only round of the British Rally Championship to take place over one day, but a day with a big challenge.  Offering c.65 competitive miles around such classics tests such as Ae, Twiglees, Castle O’er and based around Dumfries.  The Scottish is one of the oldest events on the calendar dating back to 1932 and one of the first events to adopt the use of Forestry Commission land.

David Bogie says.”Ae, Castle O’er, Twiglees and such like are such iconic Scottish stages.  They are real driver’s stages, that have a compact, hard surface.  It is not a technical rally, the roads just flow really nicely.  Mind you, I’ve got a fairly good knowledge of them, so I could be a wee bit biased.”

“A big issue is the midges. But if you close the roof vent and go fast enough they never bother you in the rally car!”

Not only has Bogie got good knowledge of the stages, he also knows his way around Dumfries, “the town really welcomes the rally and has done so for years.  The best place for food is Little Italy and for a night out after that, just follow me!”


Outline Time Table
Recce Friday 24 June
Start 08:00 Saturday 25 June
Finish 17:00 approx Saturday 25 June

RSAC Scottish Rally Gallery

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